Family of Elements

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Welcome! This is an invitation only site!

Ardere's welcome: Hi! I'm Ardere the fire king! Welcome to the site, feel free to look around if you were invited! My section features mainly predictions, creaures, and topics about elements.

Mh'Rea/Habby's Welcome: Hey, I'm Habby :D Welcome to our site, but unless you were invited please feel free to leave. My section of our forum will be mainly featuring magick, spells, recipies, divination and meditations and energy work

Lena's/Hannah's Welcome: Hia, I'm Hannah, or (most likely) Lena. And welcome to our site. We're all super nice but if you weren't invited please leave. We're all willing to help out in just about any way we can. My sections will mostly include bending, meditations, chi, spiritual work and anything around those areas.